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Buy Genuine Leather with Premium Quality & Cheap Price

Leather made from tanning of different parts of the animal body have different types and have always been the most sought after products on the market because they are used in many industries, so buy genuine leather with premium quality & cheap price for the industry The cost of using this product is very important.
Buy Genuine Leather with Premium Quality & Cheap Price

Biggest leather producing factories in Iran

Biggest leather producing factories in Iran As we have explained, leather has many different types that are used in many industries as well. We want to define the largest factories of these products for you, but before that it is better to have some or all of the leather that this Producers Produce Learn.

Leather types:

          1. Thick leather

Thick leather comes from animals such as cows, buffaloes, calves and camels. Thick leather is the best type for regular use and has the most durability and prettiness amongst other types of esters so that thick leather for sale is more popular than other types of leather.

These leather have dense fibers and therefore are highly resistant. Their surface is smooth (so-called without greens).

They are soft, dry and in different thicknesses.

      2. Greene or full green is a hide  that has not been layered and its surface or cleavage (the location of wool or animal hair) has not been abraded.

This type of leather is due to its high strength and high resistance to wear on the soles of shoes, the manufacture of high quality handbags and pockets or belts for industrial machinery, etc.


      3. Lightweight leather

Light leather comes from the skin of sheep, goats, goats and lambs. This leather is light and thin and it is mostly used for sewing clothes, hats, gloves, shoe insoles, etc .. Its lower quality is used as a shoe and clothing liner known in the market. .

Density of goat leather fibers is lower than cow leather but higher than sheep leather so it has good resistance.

Due to the clearness of hair growth on goat leather, this leather can be easily distinguished from other leather. Goatskin is relatively lighter and lighter than other leather.

Due to the fact that the leather is made in both soft and dry form, they are mostly used in the manufacture of women’s bags and shoes.

The explanations we have given have made you able to get to know some of the leather products and, as we said, we now want to introduce you to the largest manufacturers of these products.

Iran is one of the largest manufacturers of leather products that many factories produce these types of products that if we want to name one of the most famous manufacturers of these products we can mention Tabriz.

Tabriz is one of the largest economic hubs of Iran, having large factories producing and selling various types of leather products in different qualities.

Compare quality of Iranian and Italian leather

As we have explained, you realize that Italy is one of the largest and most famous manufacturer of leather products that produces all kinds at great prices. The country uses Iranian leather to manufacture many of its products.

Sheep are one of the most beloved animals for leather production which are also used in various cases including upholstery leather. Iran’s sheep are also among the world’s top leather because of their good breed, but the superiority of Italian products over Iran is due to their advanced capabilities in the leather industry.Italy is one of the leading countries in the world market for leather goods, especially bags and shoes, and earns more than € 5 billion each year from the sale of its leather goods and crafts to the leather and related industries, but part of these leather products And expensive Italian is made with high quality Iranian sheepskin. Italian leather makers buy Iranian sheep hide for a very cheap price and then process it with state-of-the-art technology and sell it with beautiful designs at great prices.

Why Iranian leather is cheaper than Italian one?

Why Iranian leather is cheaper than Italian one? According to the explanations we have given you are somewhat familiar with Italian products. But why are its products more expensive than ours?

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It is a slogan that most Italian leather sellers use to sell their products and have excellent sales, but it is unfortunate that our leather products are manufactured and sold on the world market with our leather.

The cheaper Iranian leather does not mean that the quality of Iranian raw leather is low but on the contrary, Iranian raw leather is of good quality in many countries but the main reason for the foreign products being more expensive is the fact that the raw material is sold to the leather. Uses in the industries that we use, and this is largely due to its advanced industrial capability.

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