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Cheap Leather Scraps for Exporters

What does leather scrap come to? Leather lesions occur in both natural and artificial types. When made from natural or synthetic leather, some of the leather will remain out of the box for that product. They are called “leather scraps”. Leather scraps are actually extra leather products and leather skirts that remain after making products such as bags, shoes, all kinds of leather clothing, belts, and so on and manufacturers usually put them in sachets or large packages and form Most offer it to buyers so your customers can buy leather scraps.

Cheap Leather Scraps for Exporters

How many types of leather are there on the market?

How many types of leather are there on the market?Origin of leather types

The leather is divided into two categories: solvent leather and haram leather. If the skin is made from animal skin of unlawful animals, the obtained leather will also be unlawful. Even if the skin is made from the skin of a flesh-eating animal but that animal is not slaughtered by Islamic methods, the existing leather will still be forbidden.It should be noted that all the products made in modern leather are solvent leather and you do not have to worry if you are planning to buy a product with solvent leather.

 Leather types according to production method:


natural leather:

In general, the types of leather can be divided into two categories: natural and artificial leather, according to their production method. Natural leather is made from tanning and skin preparations of animals such as cattle, sheep, crocodiles, snakes, lizards and ostriches. This leather is very high quality and it is divided into different types. Here’s a look at all kinds of natural leather based on its strength and softness.

Light leather or thin leather scraps:

It comes from the skin of animals such as sheep, lambs, goats and goats. Lighter than other types of leather, it is less thick, which is why it is known. Lightweight leather is mostly used for gloves, hats and clothing because of its intrinsic convenience and style. If you are using products that are lightweight leather you should take care of their care. Because light leather is more likely to be damaged and worn than other leather.

 Semi-heavy leather:

Among the types of natural leather available on the market, semi-heavy leather is a specialty. Semi-heavy leather comes from animal skins such as crocodiles and ostriches and is more expensive than other skins. The scarcity, quality and high price of semi-heavy leather make this type of leather more widely used in luxury goods.

 Heavy leather:

Heavy leather is the best and most high quality natural leather on the market. It comes from the skin of a cow, calf or camel and is durable. The interesting thing about this type of leather is that it will look more beautiful over time and will give you a more attractive style. Because products such as bags and shoes are more susceptible to damage than other leather products, heavy leather is usually used to make them durable. This way, in addition to creating a beautiful and unique appearance, the quality of the product is also very high.

 Artificial leather:

Due to the high price of natural leather, there is now another type of leather called synthetic leather. Although not very high quality leather, because of its good appearance and low price it has its own fans. Artificial leather, also known as vegan leather and vegan leather, is widely used in the production of seat covers, coats, bags, shoes and other leather products.

Types of leather by appearance:

Leather is divided into several types according to their appearance, the following are the most important and most used:

1- Influence or Eyebrow:

In this type of leather, there is a cloud-like design on the leather surface.

2- Varni leather:

The vein is made of cow and calf skin then lacquered with a very glossy leather surface for a more beautiful look. Vernon leather is widely used in the making of bags and shoes and has many fans in the fashion industry. If you are looking for a beautiful Vernon Shower Bag, be sure to check out the ISON Women’s Shower Bag at Modern Leather Shop.

 3. Brochure:

Broochwood is a semi-vein type leather. It has a glossy surface and is widely used in formal footwear and clothing. For example, the Men’s Shoes 2362, available at the Novin Leather store, is made of brooch leather.

4- Element or Shrub:

Elegant leather is one of the finest types of leather on the market. The leather is made from the top layer of skin, or top grain, and therefore is a high quality luxury leather and is scratch resistant. Elegant leather may be made from cow’s or goat’s skin and has a soft, slightly glossy surface. In the modern leather online store, many products are made using Elegant leather, such as the Dosage Bags.

5. Flutter or Shrink:

Among the types of leather on the market, Float Leather is a lightweight, thick, very durable leather that comes from cow’s skin. Modern leather uses flutter leather to make products such as bags, shoes and belts to increase product resistance. For example, the Alba women’s wallet is made of flutter leather.

6. Nebok:

The Nebok is made from the outermost layer of the animal’s skin, which is why the Nebok leather has a high hardness and is highly scratch resistant. The robustness of the netbook is much greater than that of suede. The netbook is used to make bags, shoes and leather belts. The Nirbuk leather was used in the manufacture of the Jairand Men’s Belt, which is also available at the Novin Leather online store.

7- Ashbalt:

Ashbelt leather is made from the second layer (middle part) of the skin of every animal, including cattle, sheep and goats. Ashbalt is also tough but not as bulky. Unlike Nebok, Ashbalt is fluffy.

8- Sue:

Suede is made from the innermost and lowest part of the animal’s skin. That’s why it has short, soft lint, but also not very strong. The suede tops make this leather very soft and velvety.

9-  Kuroko leather:

You may have seen products on their surfaces that look like snakes and crocodiles. These designs are artifacts

Leather Scraps and Remnants at Cheap Prices

what are leather for sale  Leather scraps are actually remnants of cuts made of leather products of varying sizes and sizes; therefore, to find these scraps you have to reach factories or workshops of leather products But one important question for many customers of these wastes is what is their efficiency?! Who are the scrap leather buyers?

Leather scrap can be used to make small products such as keyboards and card bags. Also if you like patchwork products you can try making these too! On the other hand, for those who are new to embroidered leather, it is a good idea because they are very affordable and one does not have to worry about the high cost of getting started and also the stress of losing the leather if part of it is due to the novice Being harmed doesn’t exist. Even some who do car decorating can also use large pieces of leather for the rear seat, behind the rear window of the car, and so on.

Cowhide leather suppliers in Iran

Cowhide leather suppliers in Iran Wholesale cow leather is sold online or in person, which we will explain below. Many centers in Iran today are the direct supplier of the best exported cow leather because the direct delivery of this product has two major benefits. One is that when you have access to a cow leather production unit, you have a wider choice of options, and if your order is a major one, you can customize the leather to your desired color and model. The second advantage of direct supply of cow leather is the elimination of intermediates. This way the final price of the product is greatly reduced and you can buy a high quality leather at a low price.

In Iran, many manufacturers produce natural cow leather. Below is a list of these top brands:

  • Mashhad Leather
  • Cactus leather
  • Dorsa leather
  • Modern leather
  • Old leather
  • Leatherman
  • Leather Town
  • Leather maral
  • Pandora and Sinai leather

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