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Leather Cost Per Square Foot for Traders

The leather cost  per sq ft varies for traders because costs depend on different factors and variables. The leather is manufactured in a variety of ways and is mainly sold to traders. These leathers are made from different animal sources like cattle, sheep, goat etc.

Leather Cost Per Square Foot for Traders

How much does upholstery leather cost?

How much does upholstery leather cost? The international leather prices of the intervention cannot be determined univocally, but it depends on a series of factors for which it will be necessary to make a detailed estimate which will include different items including:

  1. maintenance furniture present in all those cases in which the structure must be restored
  2. leather per square meter
  3. craftsman’s workforce

The estimate will be higher if precious leathers are used and in all those cases in which it will be necessary to also intervene on the structure of the same.The cost of labor will vary depending on the aesthetics and its conformation. skills.

Leaner shapes and models will instead make your craftsman spend less time, all for the benefit of a lighter quote. The cost of the leather to be used significantly influences the cost estimate that will be made by the craftsman.

Normally, in order to cover a medium-sized sofa, it will take between 4 and 5 leathers, that is to say about 20 m2, so it is good to choose carefully by comparing the prices with the duration of use of the new piece of furniture.

With regard to leathers, it is good to distinguish between different materials such as:

full grain or half grain leather is considered qualitatively the most precious and soft. It is obtained from the external part of the animal’s hide, it is extremely resistant and, since it is not treated, it is sometimes not homogeneous;

the printed leather is also called correct leather as it undergoes a printing process during which the leather will undergo compression. This operation will make the touch feel more compact.

Most durable types leather on the market

On the market there are different types of leather that come from as many types of animals. Lately it is not uncommon to find garments assembled with exotic animal skins, such as kangaroos or ostriches. The kangaroo leather, very resistant, is for example particularly used for motorcycle suits.

If you are looking for a leather jacket, however, it will be easier to come across the most used classic leathers in this field. Here is a description of the most important.

cowhide: Cowhide is certainly the most used for the assembly of leather jackets. Very resistant, it has the particularity of softening with time. It is less expensive than other leathers such as Horsehide.

However, there are several variations such as the  Steerhide  which is a bit more expensive or as the very resistant Bullhide. This is generally the ideal type of leather, with probably the best value for money.

horsehide: Despite the fact that horse skin is nowadays not very widespread it remains certainly among the most resistant leathers in the world. This resistance can at first make the jacket a little uncomfortable to wear.

goat skin: Goat skin is softer and more flexible than cowhide, however it maintains itself very well and even acquires beauty over the years. 

Lamb skin: Lamb skin , soft as butter and probably the least resistant of all. Very light and comfortable, it is also among the most expensive on the market. 

Leather Sheet at Best Price in India

Leather Sheet at Best Price in India The cost of leather in india or other countries by the meter varies according to the choice of leather, its origin, the process used in the processing phase and the type of finish that is applied to it.  Generally it ranges from € 20 per meter for the cheapest leather up to € 140 per meter for the most expensive one, except for special, exotic or customized products.

Below, a classification of materials from the cheapest to the most expensive :

  • economic choice sheep hides
  • cheap goatskins
  • large cowhides such as cows
  • medium-sized cow hides and bull hides, quality sheep hides.
  • calf hide (the most expensive especially in the pony finishing can cost more than 140 € / m2)
  • exotic hides of ostriches, crocodiles, furs, etc. are in their own category and are even more valuable

1 square meter = corresponds to approximately 1.20 square yards or 11 square feet. Leather for sale can be obtained from a reputable dealer. You can ask a sales expert at this site for a great price at a reasonable price.

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