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Patent Leather vs Genuine Leather

The leather types are very varied and each one is used for special purposes. Patent leather is one of the most elegant and fashionable leather used in the production of all kinds of fashionable bags, shoes and accessories. Patent leather vs genuine leather is more luminous and is some of the newest among leather products.

Patent Leather vs Genuine Leather

What is the difference between patent leather and real leather?

What is the difference between patent leather and real leather?Leather is obtained from the raw tanning of various animal hides including cattle, sheep, snakes and lizards, sharks, crocodiles, lizards, ostriches. In other words, leather or tanning is the technique of preparing and polishing the animal’s hide to transform it into leather.

There are several types of leather on the market, each used in a variety of fashionable and lightweight products, including:

  • Full Grain Leather
  • Top Grain Leather
  • Genuine Leather
  • Bonded Leather and

There is, of course, another type of leather known as patent leather and one of the most fashionable types of leather that falls into the category of fine grain leather. This type of leather differs from the natural leather, in fact, this type of leather is coated with a layer of special lacquer and therefore looks shiny and elegant.

This type of leather is originally a type of coated leather that patent leather care is a little complicated, but if you take good care of it and keep it well maintained, it will always look luxurious and expensive.

In addition to patent leather shoes, a variety of elegant and stylish leather bags are also produced that can be used as a stylish set for an important party, an attractive look and luxury to your style.

Is patent leather more expensive?

Whether to say patent leather is more expensive or other types of leather depends on different time frames. In general, each product has its own special price. Leather, one of the fashion and luxury products, will definitely come at a higher price when it is introduced as a fashion year.

This type of leather, also called lacquered leather, is a type of natural leather made from cow’s, calf’s, and sometimes goat’s hide, which is glazed and coated with a special lacquer to give a shiny surface.

Therefore, the shiny appearance is the main characteristic of patent leather products. Varnish protective coatings provide a superior surface finish and a more beautiful and durable shade coating, and can be manufactured in a variety of colors.

Varnish powder paint is also used as a colorless layer to protect or enhance the gloss of the painted parts. Although patent leather is usually shorter than full leather and Nubuck leather, it is still a best-selling leather because of its specificity and cross-sectional use.

In fact, because of its sleek, chic and luxurious appearance, patent leather products are most formal and chambered. So if you look at the new collections of fashion and clothing you will see beautiful designs and works of this leather and almost all famous and non-famous brands of this genre use in their designs. Patent leather is used extensively in the shoe industry and is also used in the manufacture of bags.

How to Purchase Leather at Good Qualities?

How to Purchase Leather at Good Qualities?Leather is a material that has always attracted the attention of fashion designers. Leather is not only beautiful, but also luxurious and expensive. In addition to the types of natural leather on the market, synthetic leather is also being marketed, which is definitely not the quality of real leather.

But they look a lot like natural leather. So why know how to get real quality leather?

Leather products used in traditional tanning can be better than industrial and modern tanning provided they use top quality materials and expert, experts in the production otherwise leather manufactured through industrial tanning. They are better.

Take a small piece of white paper and place it on the leather surface, then gently place your finger on the paper and pull the paper over the leather surface a few times. If the color is of good quality, the paper should not take the color of leather, and this mark The quality of the leather and its color.

Also consider that no leather company or manufacturer uses inferior materials for good tanning and dyeing of leather, so if the color is inferior, that leather will certainly not be of high quality.

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