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Red Leather Hides & Sides on Sale

Today, due to the wide range of tastes and, of course, the variety of products in the field of red leather hides, many manufacturers have turned to this industry, which has led to the evolution of this industry in Iran, producers of Iranian red hides, in order to create new and up-to-date works in artificial leather, they were able to conquer the market in relation to natural leather and made significant progress.

Red Leather Hides & Sides on Sale

Red Leathercraft Hides & Fur Pelts for Sale

Red Leathercraft Hides & Fur Pelts for Sale Red Leather craft leathers and  hides can be considered among the best human inventions that have a big change in fashion and beauty, and examples are seen everywhere, from cars to appliances. Artificial leather is entirely made of synthetic materials and is the best alternative to natural leather. The price of artificial leather can be found on the Internet with a simple search.

Red Leather craft hides  and their uses

Red Leather craft hides  in this industry are very popular in today’s industry and due to the low price of synthetic leather compared to natural leather and the wide variety of colors and designs , ease of cutting and very low weight in the production of many accessories with spectrum. 

In this section, we will discuss Red Leather craft hides and their uses;

  • Artificial leather is widely used in the production of clothing and accessories for men and women such as bags, belts, key rings, etc. Eu.
  • It is widely used in the production of sofas and chairs and in the interior decoration of cars, and it is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • It is also very useful as a lining, such as the lining of steel chairs, clothing, as a brake and carpet side, hospital bed covers, artificial leather is one of the best materials for the lining.
  • In the manufacture and production of equipment that must be waterproof, such as a variety of travel tents, awnings and umbrellas in stores, etc.

Today, the industry has evolved to the point that the artificial type cannot be distinguished from its natural type, but among the differences between the two we can mention the color on the back; the back of natural leather is fiber, but leather Artificial leather has a fabric, but the best types of synthetic leather are offered with a fiber back.

Red Burgundy Upholstery Leather Fabric on Sale

Red and burgundy leather, also known as fabric or hides of red or burgundy leather, is sold by the hide (not on rolls or sheets). As a natural material, hides come in many sizes depending on the breed of cow, but the average is 50 square feet (square feet). These high-end red and burgundy upholstery leather hides are CLOSEOUTS and perfect for furniture, cars and trucks, handbags and leather goods. Be sure to visit our Leather Buying Guide and the amount of leather to buy to determine the amount of red or burgundy leather your project needs. discount leather hides and red leather upholstery sold by our company.

Newest price range for red leather hides

Newest price range for red leather hides The range of models in red leather fabric export products is very wide and with the development of manufacturing technology, it is added day by day to its fantastic and modern types. In the production of various devices and products, a combination of several models and colors together, very attractive and new models are obtained.

Red leather hides are priced based on quality and materials, as well as the manufacturer’s brand, supply and demand, as well as the price of raw materials and production costs can have a significant impact on that.

Red leather hides which are more similar to the natural type and which have good color and good quality will certainly be priced higher than the completely artificial types.

Weight and warmth are other factors influencing the final price, artificial leathers are offered in weights of 60 to 90 grams.

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